The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a grouping of organs and tissue which assists the human body in ridding itself of toxins and waste, as well as other harmful substances. This system transports lymph and lymph is a fluid which contains white blood cells that fight infection. When these white blood cells move through the body, they help us to stay healthy.

What is the Role of the Lymphatic System

Fighting infection is the role of this body system. When the lymphatic system runs at its best, it helps to kill infections and restore good health.

Description of the Lymphatic System

This system is made up mostly of lymphatic vessels, which are a lot like the capillaries and veins of the circulatory system. The vessels connect to lymph nodes, where the lymph fluid goes through a filtering process. Many different parts of the body, including the spleen, tonsils and adenoids, as well as the thymus, are parts of this body system.

What is a Lymph Node & What Does It Do?

Every body has hundreds of lymph nodes and they are found deep within the human body. You’ll find them near the heart and the lungs. These nodes are shaped like small beans and they are glands. They are parts of the lymphatic system.

These nodes filter the bad stuff and help to fight infections. They are filled with immune cells which fight off infection by killing germs which are present in lymph fluid.

How Does the Lymph Node Drain?

The lymph system is sort of like a sewer for the body. It helps to remove toxins and waste by draining them out. The lymph system drains when the muscles are tightened. This makes the lymph vessels squeeze. When they do squeeze, their vessels push lymph fluid along. It gets filtered via the nodes as it moves back towards the heart and the veins.

Exercise helps this body system to work more efficiently. Certain types of massage may also stimulate optimal drainage.

Lymphatic System Disorders

There are a few lympathic system disorders and these are Lymphoedema, Lympahadenopathy and cancer. Lymphoedema happens when fluid retention which is localized, as well as the swelling of tissue, cause the entire lymph system to become compromised.

Lymphadenopathy is a disorder which afflicts the lymph nodes. They grow to unusual sizes and in greater numbers. This is an inflammatory disease which leads to lymph nodes which are swollen.

Lymph node cancer happens in one of two ways. It may start out within the lymph nodes or it may spread from another part of parts of the body. Cancer which has its origins in the lymph nodes is known as lymphoma. This is rarer than cancer which spreads from elsewhere.

Usually, cancer of the lymph nodes is detectable due to swollen lymph nodes. While enlarged lymph nodes do not signal cancer in all cases, it’s important to seek out medical care when lymph nodes are enlarged. It’s best to see a doctor right away. Any form of lymph system disease or disorder will be easier to treat when it is detected early.

How to Keep the Lympathic System Healthy

If you want a healthy lymphatic system, you should make a point of getting enough hydration. It’s best to drink at least six 8-oz. glasses of pure water each day. Getting enough fluid is important. As well, exercise and lymphatic massage will help your lymphatic system to function effectively.

Understanding the role and importance of this vital body system is empowering. If you suspect that you have enlarged lymph nodes, please see your family physician today. Proper medical care is your best defense against problems.

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